The editors at Circlet Press present a cherry-picked collection of only the best of erotic fantasy and science fiction. From over 300 entries, they have chosen the top 16, including the stunning winner by Allison Lonsdale "Vaster Than Empires." Vylar Kaftan's "Fulgurite" and Jason Rubis's "Now I Live On The Street of Women" were the runner-ups. The stories in the anthology span many genres and sexualities, at times defying such categories. Entries were judged on writing quality, originality, and eroticism, the three virtues Circlet Press values most in all publications. “Circlet Press publisher Tan (Best Fantastic Erotica) and debut editor Zaiatz present a variety of erotic tales both sensual and brutal. ... The relationships are as varied as the settings, and the best stories are those with a strong emotional core.” —Publishers Weekly on Best Erotic Fantasy
Including stories by: Allison Lonsdale Vylar Kaftan Jason Rubis Pete Peters Deb Atwood Connie Wilkins Grant Carrington Bryn Allen Kal Cobalt Jean Roberta Beth Bernobich Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff Eric Del Carlo D.L. Keith Paige E. Roberts Diane Kepler

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  • fantasy science fiction erotica short stories anthology
    Language: English / Published: 20 June 2013


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