**Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award!** We are pleased to present to you gentle readers the airship Drama “Chocolatiers of the High Winds.” Originally published as a weekly serial on Circlet.com, this rollicking adventure puts the steam into steampunk as we follow young Mayport Titus while he and his cohort seek to supply the world once more with that elusive and tricksy treasure known as chocolate. Mayport is the heir to the Titus Chocolate fortune–or what is left of it after his parents were lost on the high winds when he was a boy and the banks and handlers have had their way since. Perhaps the young Titus heir takes after his father in some ways, for he is no conformist to social moires. As soon as he is of age, our hero slips the bonds of institutional education for an intercontinental adventure in search of his father’s old airship, The Dutch Process.

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  • romance steampunk gay
    Language: English / Published: 20 June 2013


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